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New Blog

Welcome to Lyn’s Crafts new Blog. We are excited about having a new avenue to present Lyn’s Crafts content. Hubby was taking a training class for work and part of that training involved setting up a WordPress website. He liked what saw and decided it would make a good addition to Lyn’s Crafts. So now we have a new blog.

How will this blog be different from the old one? Well, WordPress is a powerful content management system that is much more powerful than the blog embedded in our other online store. Now we will be able to be more creative in how we present our news, patterns, yarns,  and articles of interest to customers and fellow crochet addicts.

Now, like any new venture, things are little messy when you are starting out. You may notice sections, menus, etc., come and go. This is hubby trying to learn the new software. As we learn how to use it we will better organize the information we such that hopefully it makes sense.

We have often been asked why do you have to create an account on our site just to download a free pattern. Well, the answer is that is how the site works. Now that we have our new WordPress blog one of the first new features will be the ability to quickly download our free patterns without having to create an account or go thru a shopping cart process. Hubby is serving that content from Amazon Web Services as part of his certification studies. He says it is very fast and more secure than our traditional site.

We hope that you enjoy the new site. Please tell us what you think in the comments section and share our site with your friends.



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