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That is right, Lyn’s Crafts is moving – to a new web platform. For a long time we used PrestaShop to host our website. While it has been fairly stable over the years, it was beginning to show its age. We could’t add new features without some risk. Many times, a new extension would break the site causing an outage, that in some cases, lasted for days. Also, it was hard to change its appearance to provide a cleaner user experience. As such we have decided to move to WordPress and WooCommerce.

By moving to WooCommerce we are leveraging one of the most powerful, popular eCommerce platforms out there.

New Features

Better Mobile Experience

Nearly half of our traffic comes from mobile (iPhone and Androids). WooCommerce provides a much cleaner interface on mobile devices. Browsing, shopping and purchasing are all now much easier. 

Easy Downloads for Free Patterns

On our old site, to download a free pattern, you had to register, and go thru the checkout process. This was due to the way that software worked. Many people complained about having to give there personal information just to download something free. On our new site you will no longer have to create an account to download a free pattern. Simply find the pattern you want, scroll to the bottom and click the download button. Quick and easy.

PayPal Returns

We have had many request to allow PayPal payments on our site. Our old software used to integrate with it but an update broke it. Now with WooCommerce you have the choice of either using PayPal or paying by Visa or MasterCard via our Stripe payment gateway.

Stripe allows customers to save their payment information for later use to make checkouts fast and easy. Your payment data is NOT stored on our site. Rather it is stored securely on the Stripe platform. This feature is completely optional, we are providing it as a convenience to our  customers.

Sell on our Site

We are exploring the possibility of allowing crocheters to sell their crochet patterns on our site. We are still in the early phases of making sure the software is properly setup and that we have defined clear terms and conditions for use. To sell a pattern it must be your own work. We will not allow the resale of someone else’s copyrighted material.

To help you get started, we will be creating a how to guide and video to help you setup your stop, upload your patterns and start getting paid. We will post more information in our blog once we are ready to release this feature to the public.

Yarn Store Products, Customers and Orders

To make our transition as seamless as possible we are working with an outside vendor to migrate our customer, order, products and categories from our old site to this one. Our initial attempt hit a snag and so we are having to work with the vendor to resolve the issue. We will post more information here once we know the status of the migration. Having said that, we will keep our legacy site up and running for sometime while we work to ensure all of the data has been migrated successfully.

As you can see we have been very busy working on improving your experience when you visit our site. We hope that by moving to this new platform we will be able provide a better user experience while allowing us to expand our offerings and bring better value to our customers.

Keep watching this space there is more to come.

Lyn’s Crafts

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