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Our best selling Monaco Cotton Crochet Thread is made from is 100% mercerized cotton, giving it exceptionally vivid colors and increased strength, while remaining silky smooth.

As shown below, our Monaco Crochet thread is perfect for flower decor patterns such as our Long Stem Rose.

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Featured Pattern

Monaco Crochet Thread with Lyns Rose and eye glass cozy

Eye Glass Cozy Crochet Pattern

The inspiration of this pattern grew up from the necessity of having to keep track of my eye glasses. I created a simple pattern that you can use to create an eye glasses cozy, pen holder, etc

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Monaco Review

Monaco Cotton Crochet Thread Size 8

We review Monaco Crochet thread, a unique and versatile crochet thread

Today we review one our best-selling crochet threads, Monaco crochet thread. Imported from the Philippines, Monaco crochet thread is a wonderful thread with many uses.

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our favorite patterns

English Holly Pattern

Made with Monaco

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Chinese Lantern

Made with Monaco

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Made with Monaco

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Fuchsia Flower

Made with Monaco

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Hooks and Things

Hook sizes for crochet thread.

When working with thread it is important to use the right size hook. If you are working with a pattern the hook size will be listed in the pattern. If you are not working with a pattern or need to know what size hook to use with crochet thread see our hook guide here.

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Hooks for your threads

Need a hook for your next project? Don’t forget to get the right hook for you next thread or yarn project.

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