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Looking for the right hooks for your crochet thread? Check out this blog post.

When starting out with crochet thread, one of the most commonly asked questions is: What type of hook do I need? The second most commonly asked question is, what size hook to use with the different sizes of crochet thread. Here we will answer both questions and give you a guide to which hook to […]

Looking for the 10 best projects for crochet thread, here they are.

Looking for the 10 best projects for Crochet Thread Here they are

Here at Lyn’s Crafts we sell a lot of crochet thread. Our customers are super passionate about their projects and demand the best threads available. But, if you are new to the world of crochet, and in particular, crochet thread, you may not be aware of the different uses for this versatile fiber. In this […]

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Crochet Thread Sale

Who wants more free patterns and tutorials? Everyone, right. We all like to get something for free and we are no exception. We all love freebies. But what is the best place to find a lot of free crochet patterns and tutorials, Pinterest. We love using Pinterest for finding new and interesting patterns and tutorials […]