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What is Acrylic yarn

Acrylic Yarns

Description Acrylic yarn is a synthetic fiber, formed of polymers created from petroleum products by melting and extruding the materials into long, thin fibers. The properties of acrylic yarn vary depending on the treatment of the fibers.  Tightly twisting fibers results in a strong but rough textured yarn. A looser twist will result in a softer yarn. Characteristics Low […]

What are the sizes of crochet thread? Check out our size guide.

Crochet threads come in many sizes, ranging from size 3 to size 100. Some are nearly as thick as yarn, while others are as thin as sewing thread. The key to understanding thread size is that the larger the number the thinner the thread.

Knitting vs Crochet. What’s the difference?

Similar, yet different. What are the differences between knitting and crochet? Here we will provide you with a brief introduction to both and jump into their similarities and differences. What is knitting? Knitting, is a method or means, of creating a woven fabric, usually done by hand using two long needles, called knitting needles. It […]

What is crochet thread?

Best Crochet Thread

At Lyn’s Crafts we sell a lot of crochet thread. Our customers love our Monaco, Aunt Lydia’s, Alize, and Lizbeth threads. But what is crochet thread? How is it made and what can you do with it? What is it made of? Crochet thread is a specially formulated thread, usually made from mercerized cotton, that […]

How big is that yarn or thread? We show you how big our yarns and threads are.

Alize Yarns and Threads

How big is that yarn on your website? A while ago a customer left a review stating that she was disappointed in the size of the crochet thread she purchased. It was not the thread size (size 3 vs size 10) that she was displeased with, it was the size of the ball, too small […]

Gradient vs Variegated yarn, What’s the difference?

Crochet Shawl made with Gradient Yarn

While solid color yarns are the staple of most crafters stash, variegated and gradient yarns add the ability to make ordinary crochet or knitting more dynamic. In this blog post we discuss what makes them different and what they can be used for. So, what is a variegated yarn? Variegated yarn(sometimes called multi-color) is yarn […]

Recycle your Poinsettia and Holly crochet into an awesome holiday decor

If you are like me, and have been crocheting for a while, you end up with a collection of items from past projects, usually relegated to being kept in some dark storage area. In my case a drawer within a dresser in our basement. Here is the drawer where I am keeping my old projects. […]

Looking for an awesome crochet thread for your next project. We have it right here.

A thread for all seasons. As summer turns to fall, many crafters switch gears from warm weather projects to projects for the shorter, and hopefully, cooler days ahead. And while part of the reason for the switch is the cooler weather, the other reason is that fall is the start of craft fair season. That […]

What is the best yarn you never heard of?

Balinese Cotton Yarn

How we started When I first arrived in the US, I found myself with lots of time on my hands. Hubby was busy working, kids were in school and I was home with nothing to do. In the evenings, when hubby got home, he would take me out and show me around my new hometown. […]

Looking for the 10 best brands of crochet thread. We have them right here.

Best Crochet Thread

New to crochet thread and want to know which brands are the best. Here are the top 10 brands of crochet threads on the market today.