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Our monthly blog contains articles of interest to crocheters, tatters, crafters and yarn enthusiast. Here we discuss various aspects of our craft, its techniques, and material and tools we use when working on our projects.

Recycle your Poinsettia and Holly crochet into an awesome holiday decor

If you are like me, and have been crocheting for a while, you end up with a collection of items from past projects, usually relegated to being kept in some dark storage area. In my case a drawer within a dresser in our basement. Here is the drawer where I am keeping my old projects. […]

Looking for an awesome crochet thread for your next project. We have it right here.

A thread for all seasons. As summer turns to fall, many crafters switch gears from warm weather projects to projects for the shorter, and hopefully, cooler days ahead. And while part of the reason for the switch is the cooler weather, the other reason is that fall is the start of craft fair season. That […]

What is the best yarn you never heard of?

Balinese Cotton Yarn

How we started When I first arrived in the US, I found myself with lots of time on my hands. Hubby was busy working, kids were in school and I was home with nothing to do. In the evenings, when hubby got home, he would take me out and show me around my new hometown. […]

Looking for the 10 best brands of crochet thread. We have them right here.

Crochet Threads

In the world of thread craft, particularly knitting and crochet, there are two main types of of materials used: Yarns and Threads. While there are many brands of yarns on the market, there are relatively few brands of crochet thread. Crochet thread is not sewing thread. Crochet thread is more like a fine yarn used […]

Looking for the right hooks for your crochet thread? Check out this blog post.

When starting out with crochet thread, one of the most commonly asked questions is: What type of hook do I need? The second most commonly asked question is, what size hook to use with the different sizes of crochet thread. Here we will answer both questions and give you a guide to which hook to […]

Looking for the 10 best projects for crochet thread, here they are.

Looking for the 10 best projects for Crochet Thread Here they are

Here at Lyn’s Crafts we sell a lot of crochet thread. Our customers are super passionate about their projects and demand the best threads available. But, if you are new to the world of crochet, and in particular, crochet thread, you may not be aware of the different uses for this versatile fiber. In this […]

Ever heard of Flax Linen Crochet Thread? Here are 5 key things to know about it.

We all love to use cotton crochet thread for our delicate projects such as doilies, jewelry, flowers, etc. Cotton is soft, durable, washable and breaths.  But did you know that you can use linen crochet thread as well. And the best linen crochet thread is flax linen crochet thread. Flax linen crochet thread offers the […]

Do you know what tatting is? What its used for? We explain that and more in this post.

shuttle for tatting

What is tatting? What are its origins and what is used for today? This blog article explores the history of tatting and provides access to a 400+ page free eBook containing hundreds of classic tatting patterns.

Crochet Thread vs Yarn – what’s the difference?

Lizbeth Crochet Threads

We sell a lot of crochet thread. But what makes it different from yarn? Why are the sizes backward and what do you use it for?

Ever wonder what 100% mercerized cotton means? We have the answer right here.

Monaco Crochet Thread with Lyns Rose and eye glass cozy

Our Monaco Cotton Crochet Thread is made from 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton and yields great results for your crochet projects. But what does mercerized mean and why does it yield such great results? This article explains the process and benefits of mercerization for yarn crafters.