Demeter’s Wrap

Demeter Wrap

Lyn’s Demeter’s Wrap is a free pattern that yields a light weight, comfortable wrap that makes a great gift. In this example Lyn uses Lyn’s Crafts Rayon Balinese Variegated Yarn for make a unique, eye catching wrap. You an use any of our Balinese Yarns to make this easy, pleasing wrap. 




YouTube Video Tutorial

Download the free pattern by clicking the button below.

2 thoughts on “Demeter’s Wrap

  1. Engela van Dyk says:

    I first saw and downloaded this pattern on 23 February 2015 from a You Tube video which Margaux Honey posted on 29 January 2015!

    • Arthur Smith says:

      Yep. That is Marilyn’s handle from her old blog and our old website. We have consolidated our content to the new site to make it easier to find. Now, she has a few new patterns to release, just trying to find the time to finish them up.

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