How big is that yarn or thread? We show you how big our yarns and threads are.

Alize Yarns and Threads

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How big is that yarn on your website?

A while ago a customer left a review stating that she was disappointed in the size of the crochet thread she purchased. It was not the thread size (size 3 vs size 10) that she was displeased with, it was the size of the ball, too small in this case, that disappointed her. So, in this blog we will try to provide a size comparison to show you the physical size of each type of yarn and thread that we carry, to provide better guidance on what to expect from your purchases.



ThreadSizes1 scaled

As we expand our business, we are adding new yarns and threads all the time. In some cases, we have several brands of thread that are the same size but have different yardage. All our threads, except the Flax Linen, are 100% Mercerized cotton.

The smallest ball of thread that we carry is our Lizbeth Size 20. It is 25 grams and only 210 yards long. Why so small? Because Lizbeth specializes in tatting (see our blog on tatting for more information) so a smaller ball makes sense. The Lizbeth size 10 is also 25 grams and 210 yards long.

Next is our Alize Miss. Imported from Turkey, Alize Miss comes in size 10, and is 50 grams, 300 yards long. While the Lizbeth comes in a ball the Alize is more of a hank.

After Alize comes our Monaco Size 8, imported from the Philippines. Monaco thread is 50 grams each at 190 yards long.

Our Aunt Lydia’s Size 10 is between 300 to 400 yards long, with length depending on color. For example, White and Ecru are 400 yards long, solids are 350 yard, and mixed are 300 yards. Aunt Lydia’s size 3 is 150 yards long.

Finally, our Flax Linen is size 10 and 600 yards long.

Thread Size Table

Aunt Lydia’s Fashion365 grams150 yards
Monaco850 grams190 yards
Lizebth1025 grams210 yards
Aunt Lydia’s Classic1085 grams350 yards
Alize Miss1050 grams300 yards
Flax Linen10100 grams600 yards
Lizebth2025 grams210 yards

In size 10 we have 4 threads with different yardages, ranging from 210 to 600 yards. Size all except the linen are mercerized cotton choose the brand with the yardage that meets your projects needs.


At the present time we have two brands of yarns, Alize and Balinese Cotton Yarn.

The Balinese Cotton Yarn is imported from Indonesia and come in two sizes, DK or Size3, and Sport or Size 2.

Our Alize Yarns are both size 2.


Note that the red and green yarns are 80/20 polyester/cotton blend while the white BCY is 100% cotton.

Yarn Size Table

Alize Batik OmbreSport Size 2150 grams900  yards
Alize Angora GoldSport Size 2100 grams600 yards
Balinese Cotton YarnDK Size 3100 grams160 yards
Balinese Cotton YarnSport Size 2100 grams160 yards

We hope this helps give you a better idea as to the physical size of the yarns and threads we sell. If you have any questions or comments please comment below this article.




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