Lyn’s Crafts News for January 2019

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Happy New Year from Lyn’s Crafts

Now the we are into 2019 we wanted to first of all say Happy New Year to our customers. We hope that you wall had a good holiday and are starting off the year well. We are doing well and planning new offerings from our store.

Clearance Section

We have added a clearance section to our online store. We have some items that we have decided that we will no longer carry or that have been discontinued by our suppliers. We have cut the prices in half and are offering them for sale to you. Included in the clearance section is our remaining Balinese Cotton Crochet Thread Size 10, The Alize yarn from Turkey, some of Balinese Fingering Yarn.

These are unused yarns, that may or may not have labels associated with them. We may have used them for promotional photographs but all are completed, full length as specified and in new condition.

Merch Samples

We are very excited about the sample tee shirts and other items that we have received from our merch vendor. We got the samples so that could see for ourselves the quality of merchandize being offered, and let me tell you, the quality is very good.

In this round of samples, we got a Crochet Rock Star Missy Tee ship and the color changing coffee mug. The Missy Tee arrived is very soft with vibrant colors. The Crochet Rock Star logo look really good – just the right size for the shirt. As you can see from these pictures it is a fitted shirt that tends to run a bit small. When ordering get the next larger size and take into consideration that shrinkage will occur when washed.

Another product same that arrived is the color changing mug. When the mug is cold it is a translucent black. When hot liquid is added the color changes to white and reveals the art work on the mug. As the mug cools it gradually turns black again.

If you plan to purchase one please note that you should hand wash only. Don’t put the mug into your dishwasher.

Annual Restock

As winter drags on we are preparing for our annual restock. This is the time of year when we order new yarns and threads from our overseas suppliers. We will be replacing those items that are out of stock and adding some new items to our inventory. As noted above in the discussion about clearance items, our suppliers have discontinued some of the yarns we have previously carried. We will try to replace these with newer items. As always, we are seeking to only stock the highest quality items for you. In some cases we have received stock we deem to not meet our standards. Those items have been removed from our site and will be donated to a charity at a later date.

What size yarns or threads would you like to see? Our most popular products are our Monaco which is size 8. Would you like to see more size 8 threads? What about size 10? We have some size 10 from Lizbeth. Is that something you guys would like? Let us know in the comments below.

Guest Checkout vs Creating a customer account

For now, we have disabled the guest checkout feature on the site. Customers make a purchase will be required to create an account at checkout time. This was done to ensure that everyone has access to their order history and to lay the foundation for a coming loyalty program that will feature discounts for return customers. We hope you don’t find creating an account at check time. It is quick and easy. Your personal information is collected only for the purposes of processing your orders and for our loyalty programs. We don’t see, distribute or make available your information to any third parties.

Lyn and Art from Lyn’s Crafts

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