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Discontinuing the Balinese Cotton Yarns

Hello everyone. We wanted to take a minute to let you guys know that we have decided to discontinue our line of Balinese Cotton Yarns. While we love the colors and quality of the yarns we import from Indonesia, we have decided it would be better for Lyn’s Crafts to focus on Crochet Threads. Our Monaco and Lizbeth threads are our best sellers and account for the vast majority of our sales and customer demand for those items is very consistent.

So, what does that mean for Lyn’s Crafts? It just means we will not restock the Balinese Yarns. We still have a fairly large section of yarns in stock and we will continue to sell these until they are gone. We are also planning to sell some of the yarns in lots of 5, 10, etc. You will see offers to purchase these lots in the coming weeks.

You may be wondering why we came to this decision. Was there an issue with yarns? Did we get complaints or returns? The answer is, no, there are no problems with quality of yarns. The decision is purely economic. Importing from Indonesia is very expensive. Often times we spend more on shipping than we do on the products. That, coupled with the fact that the demand for crochet thread is much higher than for yarn contributed to our decision.

Another factor is that marketing yarn is more competitive than thread. We are small, microscopic, little business that can’t compete with the big box stores when it comes to our marketing dollars. Given that we have much more success with the crochet threads the decision to focus on the threads was an obvious one.

Does this mean we will never carry Balinese Yarns again? No, it does not. It just means that our focus is shifting from yarns to threads. We still have a lot of yarn in stock and it will remain available for purchase. Additionally, you may have noticed that we have put some yarns on clearance to help them move faster. You can get the same quality yarns at a significantly reduced price.

The good news is that by focusing on threads we will be able to import more Monaco and increase our Lizbeth offerings. Size 10 is a very popular size for crochet thread so we will increase our selection of Lizbeth size 10 in the coming weeks. We see a lot of people searching for size 10 and we want to be able to better serve that demand. Additionally, we will offer a greater variety of the Omega threads. We are working out which colors to get in this round of purchases. Are there any colors of Lizbeth size 10 that you would like us to stock? If so, let us know in the comments.

Hubby’s Corner – Snarky TeeShirt


Just a reminder, hubby has really gotten into designing merch (merchandize). Since he doesn’t crochet this is his opportunity for him to express his creative side. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he as created a new website dedicated to selling tee-shirts, sweatshirts and coffee mugs using Direct to Garment (DTG) printing.

What is DTG? Well, as the name implies, it is a technology that allows artwork to be uploaded to a vendor and then printed directly on an item of clothing such as a tee-shirt or hoodie. It also allows the same art work to be printed on mugs, tumblers, water bottles, bags, pillows, shoes, sportswear, etc. He has already created some cool crochet merch for Lyn’s Crafts and is now expanding that idea to a standalone online store.

The new site is called Snarky TeeShirt and it is up and running. The idea is sell Snarky (sarcastic) tee shirts that are fun, cute, fashionable, high quality, but very affordable. He has about 60 products listed on the site and is adding more everyday.  Please visit our new site, and let us know in the comments section what you think about it.

Share a pattern with the community – Upload a free pattern

A while ago we added the ability to upload a free pattern to our website. This allows you to share with your free patterns with the Lyn’s Crafts community. We just wanted to take a minute to remind out that if you have a pattern you want to share you can upload the pattern by going to this link:

Showcase your work.

Just a reminder that you can show case your work in our customer gallery. If you have made something new and what to share your creation, you can do so by filling out the submission form at the following link:

Discounts for Newsletter Subscribers

Guys, please make sure you sign up for our news letter. Each news letter has discount codes for significant savings on our products. Please make sure to sign up so that you can get additional savings.

Also note, that we only send our our news letter once a month. We don’t want to spam anyone so we purposely keep our emails to a minimum.

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