Crochet Thread vs Yarn, which one is better

Yarn vs Crochet Thread which is better

The debate rages.

Its an age old debate. Which one is better? Crochet thread vs yarn. In this post we will share with you which is better and why.

What are the differences?

Before we can talk about which is better, we need to understand what are differences between crochet thread and yarn. How are different and what that means to you.

Size matters

So first off, the most obvious difference between crochet thread and yarn, is size. For the most part, yarn tends to be thicker than crochet thread. Crochet thread is usually thinner than yarn.

Yarn sizes have both a name and number associated with them. For example, size 3 yarn is often referred to as light worsted. Size 2 yarn is sometimes called sport yarn. See the table below for a brief description of yarn sizes.

IconAlso Known AsCrochet Thread SizeDescription
Lace Yarn IconFingeringSize 10Lace yarn is the same size as size 10 crochet thread. It is very thin and often used to make shawls, doilies, table runners, jewelry, bridal accessories, etc.
Super Fine YarnSock, Fingering, BabySize 3Super fine yarn is lightweight and typically used for baby items, sock patterns, or shawls. Notice that superfine is the same size as size 3 crochet thread.
Fine Yarn SizeSport, Baby Sport weight yarn can be used for items such as socks, wraps, heirloom sweaters, and other delicate accessories.
Light Worsted Yarn SizeLight Worsted, DK Slightly heavier than sport weight yarn, this weight is used for items such as garments, apparel and heavier baby items.
Worsted Yarn SizeWorsted, Afgan, Arun Worsted weight yarn is the most popular size yarn. It is easy to work with and ideal for working up afghans.
Bulky Yarn SizeChunky, Craft, Rug Bulky yarn is about twice as thick as worsted weight. It usually works up quickly when using large needles/hooks, and it’s great to use when making sweaters, scarves, rugs, and throws.
Super Bulky Yarn SizeRoving Super bulky yarn is a thick yarn that is very easy to work with. It is most commonly used for cowls, scarves, and hats.
Jumbo Yarn SizeRoving Jumbo yarn is the thickest yarn weight, added in 2014 to classify the super thick yarns that began to appear on the market. Jumbo yarns are great for arm knitting and work up quickly.
Lyn’s Crafts Yarn Size Chart

Crochet thread size is referenced by number only.

Another difference between yarn and thread is how that numbering works. As you can see from above with yarn, as the numbers get larger, the yarn gets thicker. With crochet thread it is the opposite. The larger the number the thinner the thread. Typically, crochet thread comes in the following sizes:

  • Size 3 – Thickest crochet thread
  • Size 5
  • Size 8
  • Size 10 – Most popular size
  • Size 20
  • Size 30
  • Size 50 – Very thick crochet thread
Monaco Crochet Thread with Lyns Rose and eye glass cozy


The other main difference between yarn and crochet thread is composition.

Crochet thread is usually made from 100% mercerized cotton giving it a high luster. Projects made from crochet threads seem to pop more than projects made from yarn.

Yarn is made from many materials including cotton, wool, acrylic, hemp, merino, alpaca, bamboo, cashmere, silk and others. As such, yarn colors tend to be more muted. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. When making articles of clothing, particularly winter clothing, muted colors may be more appropriate. But for home décor, baby items, table runners, etc., vibrant colors work the best.

So which is the best?

Well, as you might imagine, it depends, literally, on what you are trying to accomplish.

Typically, yarn is used for apparel such as sweaters, socks, shawls, tops, swim wear, etc., Wool yarn is particularly well suited for sweaters, scarfs and other cold weather items. Cotton yarns is great for lighter garments that need to breathe. Then there are specialty/novelty yarns such as hemp, etc.

Crochet thread, being thinner, is better suited for light weight or highly detailed projects such as doilies, scarves, wraps, appliques, and décor. One of my favorite uses of thread is for making crochet flowers. It’s thinner size and smaller hook yields a highly detailed rendering of roses, cat tails, Chinese lanterns, etc. That, coupled with vibrant colors makes thread and excellent choice for these types of projects.

So, it basically comes down to fit for purpose. Since I prefer to create flowers and other home décor I use lots of crochet thread. If you prefer making apparel then yarn is best for you. If you are following a pattern then use the material that he recommended by the pattern maker.

Useful links

For more information about crochet thread see the following links:

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful.

Thanks and good luck on your next project.


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