We review America’s most popular crochet thread, Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Threads

Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread Review

Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread is America’s most popular. Search the internet for crochet thread and Aunt Lydia’s will be at the top the list. But why is it so popular? What makes it special?

We will explore that and more in this post.

Brief History

Aunt Lydia’s brand was originally part of the Coats & Clark Co product offerings for home crafters. Known for their industrial tread products, Coats and Clark has a long history in the textile industry going back over 100 years. In fact if you look at the Aunt Lydia’s label you will see the Coats and Clark logo on the side.

In 2019 the Spinrite company of Ontario acquired Coats North American craft business. The deal included the well-known craft brands Red Heart, Coats & Clark, Aunt Lydia and Susan Bates. Other brands where licensed as part of the deal.

In late 2019 Spinrite rebranded their website as Yarnspirations and consolidated these popular brands in one place. Aunt Lydia’s continues to lead the market for crochet thread here in the US.


There are 7 distinct products offered under the Aunt Lydia’s Brand name:

ImageProduct NameSizeNo of ColorsYardage
Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread Size 3 Warm BlueFashion 3316150
Aunt Lydias Classic Crochet Thread Size 10 French RoseClassic 101053300
AuntLydiasSize10MetallicMetallic 10105100
AuntLydiasSize10LargeClassic 10 Value1041000
AuntLydiasSize10JumboClassic 10 Jumbo1022730
AuntLydiasSize20Fine 20202400
AuntLydiasSize30Extra Fine 30302500


For our review we will focus on the size 3 fashion and size 10 classic as these are the most popular.

Aunt Lydia’s is made from 100% Mercerized cotton and is manufactured in India.

Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread is a first quality crochet thread, produced by a company with a long history of manufacturing high quality products, particularly threads. That said, they are also, so widely distributed that you can get them at very reasonable, often highly discounted prices, both locally and online. The color quality is excellent. The threads are soft and easy to work with, even for beginners.

They are machine washable in warm water, no bleach, and block well.

In addition to their quality, they are very economical. With yardage of 150 yards for size 3 and 300 yards for size 10, you do not need to purchase as many balls as you would if using other threads.  If you need even more yardage you can get either the large size at 1000 yards: available in white, back, red and natural, or jumbo size at 2730 yards in white or natural.

Size 10 Classic comes in 53 shades, 12 variegated and 41 solids. Size 3 comes in 16 colors all solids. The metallic comes in 5 shades. The size 20 and Size 30 are only available in white and natural.

The only real downside to Aunt Lydia’s is limited color choices for sizes other than size 10. With only 16 shades for size 3, 5 shades of metallic, and two very basic shades in the smaller sizes, you will have to look elsewhere for greater variety of colors.


Aunt Lydia’s a a high quality mercerized crochet thread, with generous yardage, and low prices. While it comes in a variety of popular sizes the number of available colors can be limited. That said, whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience, Aunt Lydia’s is always a good choice.

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