Looking for an awesome crochet thread for your next project. We have it right here.

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A thread for all seasons.

As summer turns to fall, many crafters switch gears from warm weather projects to projects for the shorter, and hopefully, cooler days ahead. And while part of the reason for the switch is the cooler weather, the other reason is that fall is the start of craft fair season. That time of year when you gather up your finished goods, along with a table, some chairs, signs, and other goodies, and head down to your local school, gymnasium, or church with visions of fun and profits on your mind.

Another reason is that fall signals the approaching holidays. Many crafters start working on their hand made gifts for friends and family, early because of the time and love involved in hand making something for that special someone. Whatever the reason, fall is a great time to start working with crochet threads.

What are crochet threads?

Crochet threads are similar to yarns but are smaller/finer. They are typically used for more delicate projects such as doilies or other lacy items.  But that is not their only use. Crochet threads are perfect for creating exciting home décor. The smaller size yields finer details. Using a mercerized cotton crochet thread brings an explosion of color, making them perfect for home décor.

There are many brands of crochet thread on the market. A while back we did a blog called Looking for the 10 best brands of crochet thread. We have them right here. In this blog we gave an overview of 10 of the most popular crochet thread brands on the market today. However, one of those brands, while not commonly known, is very popular among our customers and so we decided to go into a little more detail about it here.

The Monaco Manufacturing Company

Monaco crochet thread is a brand of thread, produced only in the Philippines, by the Monaco Manufacturing Corporation. Located in Quezon City, on the island of Luzon, the company was established in 1958 by Mr. Chua Yap Chek as the Monaco Thread Company. Its primary products were bag closing threads. These were used by Filipino farmers to seal bags of rice and other goods for transport to the market.  Over the years, the company grew and expanded its offerings in the textile industry. Today it employs over 300 people in two offices in the metro Manila area and and uses state of the art twisting, rewinding and dyeing equipment.

yarn warping machine in a textile weaving factory

What is Monaco Crochet Thread?

Monaco crochet thread is made from 100% mercerized cotton. To learn more about the mercerization process see our blog post here.

The thread comes in 50-gram balls that are about 174 meters (190 yarns) long. It only comes in size 8, but that puts in between the ever-popular size 3 and size 10. That makes it perfect for beginners. Basically, it is not too thick, not too thin. And while the size is a good compromise what makes Monaco really stand out are the colors. The mercerization process makes the colors very rich and vibrant. When compared to yarn, projects made with mercerized cotton always look more vivid.


Monaco Cotton Crochet Thread Size 8
Monaco Cotton Crochet Thread Size 8

Got some examples of projects made with Monaco Crochet Thread?

We thought you’d never ask. Of course, we do. Check out these images below for some of patterns made with Monaco Crochet Thread.

Great, where can I get some?

You’re in luck. Lyn’s Crafts is one of the few companies in the US that sells Monaco Crochet Threads. While you may find some people selling them on ebay, so far as we know, we are only company offering the complete line of solid and variegated colors. At only $2.99 per ball you can get an awesome crochet thread at a very reasonable price.

Don’t believe us, see what some of our customers have had to say:


I was searching for thread and getting discouraged at the high prices of good thread. After quite awhile I came upon Lyn's Crafts….. I struck the jackpot! Because of the low prices I was unsure of how the quality would be; so I placed a small order. I received the package and inside was the most amazing thread ever!! It has the quality of high-end name brand thread! I'm definitely a return, 100 X's over, customer! Thank you so much!!

Michelle L. Verified Buyer Crochet Thread

Stay away from big box retailers

I am very impressed with the price,selection, and quality of the products I've ordered so far. The Monaco crochet thread is superior to DMC and comparably priced, and the color saturation and range is superior! I love that when one of my items was out of stock I was contacted and offered a substitute - very considerate and excellent marketing! You will have my business again.

Nancy S. Yarn

Outstanding Service

Lyn's Crafts is what all online sellers should strive for! Prompt order processing , excellent communication and updates, speedy delivery, excellent product. Lyn's Crafts outshines all others!

Sylvia C. Crochet Thread


Monaco crochet thread is an awesome thread, with consistently high quality, exceptional colors, and a very low price, shipped to you from the USA. It is a great thread for beginners and experience alike. As you can see you can create beautiful home decor with Monaco Crochet thread. So for your next project, give Monaco a try. We are sure you will love it.



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