Recycle your Poinsettia and Holly crochet into an awesome holiday decor

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If you are like me, and have been crocheting for a while, you end up with a collection of items from past projects, usually relegated to being kept in some dark storage area. In my case a drawer within a dresser in our basement.

Crochet Projects Storage Drawer

Here is the drawer where I am keeping my old projects. As you can see it is a fairly eclectic collection of flowers and other decor. Why not put them to good use as a holiday decoration around the house.

Well, today I am going to dust off some of my Poinsettias, Hollies, Cattails and other items from past projects and recycle them into the awesome table top decor that you see below.

Poinsettias First

Let’s start with the Poinsettias. If you don’t have any crocheted poinsettias you can find links to all of my patterns at the bottom of this article.

The Poinsettias I am using for this project were made several years ago using our Balinese Cotton Yarn. As you can see the colors are still very vibrant. The reds are deep, the greens lush.

The pattern calls for our Balinese Cotton Light Worsted size yarn for the bracts. Remember, Poinsettias don’t have the usual flower petals, the red bracts are actually leaves. The colors used for the red poinsettia’s are Vermilion Balinese Cotton Yarn KBB02, Peridot Balinese Cotton Yarn KBB 17. If we are out of those colors you can substitute any suitable red or green yarn.

The yellow buds in the center are made from Monaco Cotton Crochet Thread – size 8. The colors used are Apple Green and Lemon Yellow.

Crochet Poinsettia made with Balinese Cotton Yarn and Monaco Crochet Thread

When I was working on the original pattern I made poinsettias in many different colors. As you can see, today I only have the red and white ones left. No worries, those colors are perfect for the holidays and will do just fine.

The Holly

I had some holly left over from a few years back when I created my English Holly Pattern. For this pattern I used our Monaco 100% Mercerized Cotton Crochet Thread.

English Holly Crochet Pattern

The crocheted hollies are great to use as an embellishment with your other decor projects. Here I used them with the Poinsettia to add texture and contrast.


cattails crochet pattern

Now I realize that cattails are not normally part of your typical holiday decor. But who says we have to be typical. Like the other elements in this project the cattails are from one my pattern projects from a few years ago. They too are made from Monaco Crochet Thread.

Baby’s Breath

For even more contrast I used some Baby’s Breath that I had lying around from past projects. I don’t have a pattern for these but you can make them using the same technique I used to make the flowers and buds in my Poinsettia Applique Crochet Pattern. These little beauties add a bit of spice to the decor. Just add a few here and there to break up the poinsettias.

Left Over Leaves

For the final touch of color I added some left over leaves from various crochet projects found laying around in my drawer.

Patterns used

Here is a list of the patterns used in this project:

Poinsettia Applique
Poinsettia Decor
English Holly

Yarns and threads used in these projects

Balinese Cotton Yarn – Light Worsted
Monaco Crochet Thread

Hopefully I have inspired you to dust off some older works and breath new life into them or into creating something new using our patterns and yarn.

Either way, thanks for ready my blog. Enjoy!


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