The Dune Crochet Handbag

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It is always a thrill to learn a new stitch,  specially when it comes out very pretty like this tote I call “The Dune”. It is like the Mohave desert, creating  illusion of dunes.  The stitch, called the spiky SC, is made on a row of 5 SC, in any chain amount in multiple of 5 (50,45,50,60,65 etc). Build a row of 5, change to a new color and make the longest SC, going downward, pulling up a loop.

The finished product. The handle was purchase from a local crafts store.

For the base, I used red heart yarn super saver, it creates a very stiff foundation.

Added gold trip to to the top of bag

I wanted to make my project more functional by adding lining. There are many tutorials on how to make a lining in You Tube. You can use the one that you find easiest for you.  Before working the lining, I put a golden trimming to the lid of the bag, complimenting the middle section.

Lining made from a tutorial found on YouTube

Another exciting thing about this project is that you can also use a Tunisian stitch. Still using multiples of 5 plus 1(11,16,21,26 etc.) and again, building a row of 6, so you will do a pass and forward 6 times. Watch the video for more help.

A quick video tutorial on the Tunisian Stitch used to make the Dune Handbag.

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